Don’t Forget About Quality


Some of your product’s bugs could be as devastating as a safety issue that leads to car fires.

“The FAA prohibits you from plugging your Samsung Note 7 into any outlets on this aircraft.”

I heard this on a recent flight and felt bad for Samsung, a brand I had come to respect for what they’ve done to compete with Apple.  After hearing this, though, I’ve lost all respect and have a great response to my wife’s plea to switch to Android.

You can’t rush a good product.  Quality takes time, because it means the squad took time to understand real-world scenarios, and how to test them before launching your product or a feature.

This doesn’t just apply to software products.  Chipotle had an e. coli scare in the spring, they later reported an 82% drop in profits, compared to the spring/summer of 2015.

Who’s job is quality?  While it’s on the entire squad to deliver a quality product, having a good Quality Assurance team makes it so much easier.  They’re the ones asking “what happens in user scenario X?” and thinking about the best way to thoroughly test the changes.  So if you haven’t already, give everyone on your QA team a hug, high five, or bug zapper.

Want to talk about how to improve your product’s quality? Drop me a line.

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