target (2)  Product Strategy

  • Validating a business idea (problem/solution fit)
  • Setting and communicating a customer journey vision
  • Identifying a strategy to keep your business alive long enough to realize that vision
  • Crafting a powerful mission statement
  • Identifying 1-2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that define success
  • Prioritizing the most meaningful initiatives
  • Positioning a solution against competitors

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screen  User Experience Design

  • Delivering a great first-time user experience that makes users want to come back
  • Using behavioral science to encourage user action

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conversation  User Research

  • Using the Jobs to be Done framework to understand current solutions to a problem
  • Identifying issues that might be hindering a business through usability testing

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two-circling-arrows  Agile Development

  • Using Agile to test hypotheses instead of for release planning
  • Coaching Agile squads to focus on outcomes instead of feature delivery
  • Educating executives on Agile can do for the business (and what it can’t)

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meeting Product Management Hiring

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Creating and evaluating homework assignments
  • Asking the right questions during interviews (and knowing what’s a bad, good or great answer)
  • Interviewing candidates

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coaching Product Team Mentoring

  • Explaining best practices
  • Coaching junior team members on applying best practices to the problem at hand
  • Providing real world examples
  • Sharing artifacts from a curated library of documents, articles, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

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handshake  Introductions

  • Meeting potential investors or other advisors
  • Connecting with potential new hires
  • Getting introduced to prospective customers

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Engagement Models


Many clients start here if they’re not sure how much time they’ll need on a monthly basis.  If you like, you can put a cap on the number of hours, and if I get close I’ll reach out to you proactively with either a request to go over the cap or a recommendation on how best to use the remaining hours in the month to maximize the value provided.


Lock in time with me every month to ensure availability and consistency (no need to spend time getting me ramped up on what’s going on with your company/product).  Clients typically choose 5 hours a month, which translates to 1-hour weekly calls plus some time between calls (emails, reviewing/preparing documents, etc.).

Project Based

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