target (2)  Product Strategy

  • Validating a business idea (problem/solution fit)
  • Crafting a powerful mission statement
  • Identifying 1-2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that define success
  • Prioritizing the most meaningful initiatives
  • Setting and communicating a product vision
  • Positioning a solution against competitors

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screen  User Experience Design

  • Delivering a great first-time user experience that makes users want to come back
  • Using behavioral science to encourage user action

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conversation  User Research

  • Using the Jobs to be Done framework to understand current solutions to a problem
  • Identify issues that might be hindering a business through usability testing

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two-circling-arrows  Agile Development

  • Using Agile to test hypotheses instead of for release planning
  • Coaching Agile squads to focus on outcomes instead of feature delivery
  • Educating executives on Agile can do for the business (and what it can’t)

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handshake  Introductions

  • Meet potential investors or other advisors
  • Connect with potential new hires
  • Get introduced to prospective customers

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