Guiding Principles

man-in-a-party-dancing-with-people People and process matter.

When it comes to building great products, you need a team who’s curious and a process that makes it easy for them to learn quickly.

bar-chart Metrics define success.

How do you know if your product is successful?  You must have 1-2 objective measures, and they must align with your mission and the outcomes your customers seek.

conversation (1) Never assume.

You know what they say about assuming.  Human behavior isn’t rational.  Make sure both qualitative and quantitative feedback flow freely back to you from internal stakeholders, customers, and users.

brain Agile is a mindset.

Agile is not a set of processes or software release planning methodology.  True agility comes when you can learn and adjust your course quickly.

flash Grab attention fast.

You literally have 3 seconds to engage your audience.  Are you doing it?