Financial Decision Guides

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I’m currently validating an idea to make it simple for consumers to hire a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to help make better financial decisions.  To do so, I:


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I was responsible for Morningstar’s robo-advisor platforms that manage almost $50B in retirement savings for more than a million American workers.  Over the past two years, I helped the squads working on our platforms transition to a user-centric, Agile software development process as product revenue grew.


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HelloWallet makes web and mobile apps to help people improve their overall financial wellness.  During my two years there, I:

  • Managed a team of 3 that were responsible for the iOS and Android mobile apps, web apps, and partner integrations
  • Ran A/B tests in partnership with our behavioral science team to improve engagement and encourage more people to save money, reduce their debt and prepare for retirement.
  • Led the initial design and development of Retirement Explorer, which won Best in Show in FinovateFall 2015

HelloWallet was acquired by Morningstar in 2014.



Opower started from a behavioral experiment that showed the most effective way to encourage residential energy efficiency was peer comparisons – showing how your energy usage compared to similar houses in your neighborhood. During my 18 months there, I improved our margins by leading initiatives to improve the operational efficiency of how Opower generated millions of Home Energy Reports.

Opower was acquired by Oracle in 2016.



Hitchsters was a ride-sharing site that matched people so they could save money on taxi rides from airports.  I led the launch of the service in San Francisco and redesigned the home page to increase sign ups by 70%.

Hitchsters was acquired by CabCorner in 2010.